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Just what is diabetes and how does it cause Blood Balance Formula Review weight loss? Medical experts believe that diabetes is an autoimmune disease and that the body's own immune system invades the pancreatic cells that produce insulin. This disease may be genetic and run in families. Native Americans, African Americans and Hispanic Americans are more likely than other ethnicities to develop this disease. Sometimes viral infections may also be the culprit.

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As we age, there is a more significant risk of developing diabetes. This is true after age 45 and even greater when we reach 65. However, diabetes can occur at any age starting in childhood. Diabetes occurs when blood sugar levels are very high. Symptoms and causes can include various illnesses, including urinary tract infections, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and frequent urination. When frequent urination occurs, this could lead to dehydration. This, in turn, could cause weight loss as well. On the other hand, diabetes could be caused by obesity. The symptoms vary so widely that a person may have diabetes without even being aware of it.

The weight loss caused by dehydration is a dangerous manifestation of the disease and could lead to kidney failure, heart disease, even blindness. Some times diabetics cannot process the calories they ingest and they will lose weight no matter how much they consume. Along with the dehydration they will lose sugar and potassium which will also lead to weight loss. This weight loss is not healthy, even though the person may be obese.

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