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Granite Male Enhancement The second - ran up And hurled him painfully with a compass near the occiput, then pushed him into a group of children And fled. On the third day, he came up behind him And choked him so that my son lost consciousness for a moment. That was too much. Unfortunately, the conversation with the school management did nothing. Teachers, pedagogue And school psychologist claimed that, of course, they would get on with it And pull the consequences, but in fact they have their hands tied up, And the boy's parents are always standing behind the wall saying that it was the school that caught on him. We did not know what to do. We couldn't leave my son alone. I told him I was taking back everything I said about nonviolence. From now on it is not supposed to beat, but damn it! - he must defend himself. My husband wore it, he couldn't survive it all, so he decided to scare that shit. He went to school, took him aside, And the other ... laughed in his face. He teased And provoked. He said that what he would do to him, after all children are not beaten ... My husband gave him a blow And blew his nose. A storm broke out. Police, media, campaign, school-wide meeting where teachers And parents discussed what to do. It was hell. After some time, everything calmed down, but we moved our son to another school. Let that gamon terrorize other children, And let adults look at it calmly. It's not on our nerves. After all, I have many thoughts, but also a pity for my parents, who quietly thanked my husband for what he did, And spoke in a different tone in public.

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