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Velofel coaches and sometimes at the end of their rope basically disappointed hurt disappointed by men carrying a lotta trauma not only from their past relationships but also from their upbringing and this is something yes and this is something that I call the love blueprint so for men yes yes so for many women and not just for women for everyone when a talented child is growing up a child often does not receive the kind of love that they really need and this child often is trying to win that love sometimes by becoming a caretaker pleaser shutting down their emotions hiding their voice losing parts of the themselves in order to cope with the environment and so for a child like this it becomes difficult to just love because when they loved they were stabbed in their heart often many times or sometimes in their back which is even more challenging and yet they were still loving their parents so maybe their siblings and so for many love becomes entangled with pain and so yes so when love becomes entangled with pain we are naturally 




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