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primal grow pro encapsulation does a good nutrients as well I will be happy to put a couple links below on supplement I love I can give you a link to my medicinal so you can get discounts if you want discounts on good someone's hello casual preparedness nice to see you from Alabama so that answers a question on multivitamins why I believe they're necessary because our food supply is cruddy and we need extra nutrients even may I eat really well and I juice and we'll take multivitamin supplements as well just to make sure I'm getting my nutrients any other questions about supplements pills male enhancement etc Mike no that's incorrect because the FDA cannot well they don't and regulate well the FDA has a lot of issues there's currently many lawsuits with the FDA because the companies have the money and power to push things through faster and the regulation is not as beneficial to the public as it is to the different companies so you will see more problems with FDA regulated pharmaceuticals than you will with a lot of supplements however you have to 




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