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Leptoconnect for 30 seconds so that could be jumping jacks right and then recovering for about 30 seconds and then repeating that for about 10 minutes will give you the most bang for your buck in my a lot about in this episode and I hope that you guys were listening to that because that is what many I was getting worse h and on finding a relief from autoimmune symptoms sometimes it's so grateful for that but back to the weight loss thing so ironically and within a week so starting ap I was not weighing myself but the the weight just like was like falling off like I could tell I was just losing weight and my clothes were loose and my husband was like whoa so even though I knew I was losing weight I still didn't step on back on the scale because it had been a couple months since I had weighed myself I broken that habit of stepping on the scale every day I'd broken that habit of caring so much about what I weight and ironically even though I wasn't exercising I the weight just came off of me and I'm not sure if that you know I've heard that that happens with some people who start eating very cleanly whose story I pee I don't know that that happens 





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