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On that website u can gradually check off quests you complete or requirements need etc to organize yourself and it will b stored on ur browser to get when u go back to the page. It will really help reduce that overpowering feeling and it is a very good goal to OSRS gold have, wiki osrs is ur bread and butter. Use it. 9 times out of 10 by studying what u want understand within that website or into google ur gonna find the answer. I would recommend slayer musiq for quest guides. He's a fucking legend for walk throughs and you're going to complete them far faster if that's playing in the background when doing them. Could also only consult wiki up to u.theoatrix has very excellent guides for 1-99 on almost all skills if u wanna work out how to grind something else. Understand RuneScapes that a sandbox mmo there's no wrong or right way to play with it. There's a million things to do that's its beauty. If u need Oda1337 add me. Once more I'd recommend joining the clan I am in we are pretty spectacular.

Wiki is your friend. There is even a wiki button you can press. Touch the wiki button after which an object or item on the planet and you'll get delivered into the wiki page to get it. By typing the title of the item together with the button you can also look for the wiki. The few individuals here that are providing real advice are, imo, providing longer term aims than might be useful. I think you need to try to complete dragon slayer. Your battle stats are almost where they will need to be, and dragon slayer in addition to the quests you'll do in order to unlock it (you need 33 exploration points, so I would suggest doing most of the f2p quests) will be a fantastic intro to questing.

The best resources for anything in RuneScape are the OSRS Wiki and equally YouTube. First note however, consistent focus, persistence, and often times finding the most AFK strategy together with the best xp rate for any particular ability is best. You choose whether you want to put more attention and get more XP/HR or GP/HR or forfeit the XP or GP using more AFK methods which are more enjoyable.

Some overall goals are:Quests unlock a ton of content, skills, gear, transport, and Old School RS Gold much more so it's vital to seek out quest guides or make your own as you move according to your goals. Train slayer and/or get battle amounts to base 70 + if you like killing monsters for fun or for money. Find the best gear for your levels throughout this process to speed up things and always do your homework. If you enjoy skilling a little more (not combat related), concentrate on that ability with laser attention or locate best AFK methods/XP Rates from OSRS Wiki or YouTube a manual.

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