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Instant Keto that the one of the healthiest diets is this very balanced kind of mediterranean diet you guys know what the mediterranean diet is or like what it consists of a lot of people say oh just do a mediterranean diet but no one ever really wants to say what it is yeah so lean meats beans fruits and vegetables whole grains things like that and you've got to eat this in moderation obviously mediterranean diet here's another study the mediterranean diet pattern for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease it has shown to reduce cardiovascular disease and it's very good at that if followed correctly they have like olive oils and those kind of things in it another study from 2013 mediterranean diet and cardiovascular disease historical perspective latest evidence it causes a sick and i highlighted this part significant reduction in new cancers and overall mortality so not only does it improve your cardiovascular risk factors it reduces about 10 different kinds of cancers as well a randomized trial comparing low fat and low carbohydrate diets matched for energy and protein this is a really good one 2004. b





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