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Keto Fast 700 mg with a satchel that was believed to have cannabis flower in it in oncology it's really not well documented until the early 1900s though it's likely that cancer patients have used cannabis for palliation for pain control for hundreds if not thousands of years and this is an old park davis glass bottle that that has cannabis as a fluid extract here in the 1950s and 1960s the first chemotherapeutic agents were really in widespread use and one of the issues that we had with the with the chemotherapies that we started using for leukemia for lymphoma for breast cancer was that they were truly these were quite these were powerful compounds that cause powerful nausea and vomiting and they're really ineffective medications for nausea and vomiting at that time now we have a much larger armamentarium although there's still those patients that really suffer with these side effects and that's where we saw widespread u










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