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Testoryl in menopause now ob gyn doctors love to use the medication effexor or venlafaxine and that is actually an antidepressant medication technically it's an snri because it works more on norepinephrine but it's through that activity that it lowers hot flashes so you know the discomfort with the hot flashes and and being sweaty is often a barrier inside and the others are the you know kind of the atrocity that occurs in the vagina and the dryness the antidepressant that i mentioned earlier blue proprion or raw butrin uh of offset this and drop in estrogen that's seen in women post-menopausal but there's concerns over you know the side effects on the heart maybe cancer so generally hormone replacement is something that's kind of looked at in in more severe cases you know and and there are medications that work on the estrogen receptors and some of those have shown to reverse some of the menopausal side effects so you 




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