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Nulavance know one thing I've thought about for a lot of people who wear makeup regularly it may be harder to notice how much to seeing that area filled in that you don't realize how truly clean it looks when you olyethylene which is an ingredient that's so common in cleansing balms and sometimes moisturizers and toner, it's $29. Not too bad. The second ingredient is glycolic acid which I would be curious to see how much glycolic acid is in this toner. Because from my understanding, it's not that strong. So I'm curious. The third ingredient is witch hazel water. It's not the worst because it's witch hazel water. It's not witch hazel extract but still seeing us so high up on the ingredient list. I'm kind of like, but right up near the top of the list right at the 1% Mark, we have perfume fragrance. We know my feelings on that and they're citronella laminin and Alignable three fragrant components normally free components on their own I 




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