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Essay writing is an interesting activity for almost all students. The only thing that haunts the students about essay writing is the starting of an essay. 


If you have just stepped into essay writing, then here is a guide to help you start an essay as professional essay writer do. 


  • Understand the instructions.


Once you are assigned an essay writing assignment, the first thing you should do is to understand the instructions. Read the instructions manual in detail and identify all the requirements. 

This will help you to identify your target audience and the theme of your essay. It would lead you to write the essay according to the understanding level of your intended audience. It will also help you identify how long your essay should be. 



  • Conduct research.


After you have selected your topic for write my essay, you start collecting information and data related to the topic. Use related articles and publications to get an idea about the content you should add to your essay. 
Use the internet to look for some facts and evidence related to your topic. Factual information makes your essay very strong. Make sure that you add data from authentic sources and avoid any kind of false information. 



  • Create an outline.


Creating an essay outline changes the entire scope of your essay. It gives that professional look to your essay and makes the readers believe that you have worked hard on this essay. 

An outline helps you in writing your essay. It makes everything look organized and ensures that the entire essay is written in an organized manner. 

An outline comprises an introduction, body paragraphs, and a formal conclusion for the topic. 




  • State the thesis statement.


A thesis statement is an extract of an essay. It might be a sentence or two that explains the entire point of view of an essay. To write this statement correctly, the words must be chosen wisely, as it is an essential part of an essay. 

Also, for a thesis statement, it is essential to be expressive. In this, an essay writing service writer should provide a summary of the entire essay. 



  • Start the body paragraphs.


The body paragraphs make the body of an essay. If you follow a typical format of a 5 paragraph essay, you need to add three body paragraphs. 

Each paragraph is written to explain a key element of an essay. In these paragraphs, add all the information related to the point you discuss in that particular paragraph. All the evidence and facts you have collected to support your claim in that paragraph.



Being a student you must be having a lot of other assignments to take care of. In such a situation you must be wondering “if someone could help me to write essay for me?”. It is actually possible to get your essay written by a good online essay writing service. 



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