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Has the T left you feeling helpless? Are you stuck in your home because just about Sonus Complete Reviewany noise will trigger that maddening ringing in the ear? At this point you have more questions than answers. The good news is there is a breakthrough treatment that cures tinnitus at it's root cause.Let me explain how you can find this root cause. Tinnitus is not a disease itself but a symptom of something going wrong in the body. The cause can be as simple as heavy wax buildup in the ear. Usually the symptom of tinnitus is brought on by multiple triggers.

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The first thing to do is see an ENT specialist. There might be an infection of the ear or sinus cavity that can be treated with antibiotics. In rare cases there might be a tumor on the auditory nerve or elsewhere in the head and neck. The chances are the doctor will find no obvious cause of the Tinnitus. Is it a wonder that many doctors view tinnitus as incurable?

Finding the cure involve widening the search for the root cause. The noise is a signal from some organ or body system that is having problems. So we must listen to what the body is telling us and work with it. A pulsing sound can be an indication of circulatory problems in the head, a constricting of blood vessels. We must realize that the body produces many noises in its normal operation. Most of these noises are deadened by all the tissue between the organ and the head. What remains is normally filtered out by the brain. However a brain altered by stress either physiological or psychological can be sensitive to such noise. Changes that relieve this stress such as diet, taking of supplements and hypnotherapy can relieve these symptoms.

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