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I chose the Spinach and Artichoke Souffle'. I thought at StrictionD Review  least the two vegetables mentioned were healthy but did not know about the rest of it. It tasted very good but again, it's not about the taste of the food in this battle, is it?According to a recent article in The Boston Globe, researchers at Bringham and Women's Hospital monitored 21 men and women who lived in a sleep laboratory for three weeks. This is the first study which actually examined sleep behaviors in a completely controlled laboratory environment.


Half of the participants were in their 20's and the other half were in their 60's. They were moved from normal nighttime sleeping to irregular patterns of sleep, spread out at all times of day and night. They were also eating meals at odd hours of the day and night. The scientists tested the participant's blood sugar before and after meals along with hormones related to stress, energy regulation and appetite.

Researchers reported that the disrupted schedules altered insulin levels. Three of the participants were actually sent into a pre-diabetic state. Metabolism was also slowed to a rate that would cause a 12-13 pound weight gain if the schedule was sustained over a year with no other changes in the person's diet or exercise routine. This is significant because this applies across the board: men, women, young and older.Thankfully, the folks involved did not suffer any permanent affects from the study. Once they were allowed to get a normal amount of sleep on a regular schedule, the metabolic changes they experienced went away.

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