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Bone spurs, if present, are not usually the cause of the Fungus Hacks Review  pain. If you are experiencing pain in your heel, especially with your first step in the morning or immediately after rest, and that pain eases up after a few steps, the following regimen should be followed:STRETCH the arch ligament and calf muscles. This should be accomplished with the use of a night splint. You should use a night splint for 30 to 45 minutes every night to stretch out your calf muscle, achilles tendon, and plantar fascia.


They are all connected and are contributing to your pain. The great thing about the night splint is that you can put it on and forget about it, you don't have to be in constant "work out mode" to get the stretch you need.It may also be helpful to keep a stretch band handy when resting for long periods of time, you can "sling" it around the ball of your foot for a good 30-second stretch. The "towel stretch" may lessen the severity of the pain you get during that first step after resting.


ANTI-INFLAMMATORY medication may be taken if prescribed. Take as directed and discontinue if stomach pain occurs. Over the counter medications like Aleve may help as well.RUNNING OR CROSS TRAINER SHOES should be worn exclusively. This needs to be a name brand, sturdy motion-control shoe. Recommended brands include Orthofeet, Orthaheel, SPIRA, New Balance, Avia, Asics, Nike, Brooks, and Saucony. Rigid heel counters, rigid shank, external heel stabilizers, and dual density midsoles are important features.

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