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When we were exhausted from our laughter and lay spent  Ultra Manifestation Review in each others arms on the rim of the Mesa, I felt her tears fall on my face, and she tasted as the salt of the Earth. Child of the Spirit, I tell you, man is like this Hollow Mesa, empty and secret. When his heart does not rise to the winds and face the sunrise, it is a Life that cannot happen. A dream cannot live without a Spirit. Come now and let this Old Rainmaker show you the veils of time and you will know much and then go write it.

So we go. These are handouts or articles written by Parisha Taylor for the purpose of a teaching base in the many areas of subjects she covers as she travels and presents to thousands of people globally. She has a unique manner of expression in her writing due to her Native cultural influence. Much of what she writes is poetic in form. She also creates new words as she writes. Her ability to write her material with deep personal feelings that the reader merges into, makes each article a voyage into our own Beingness. Her words come alive in the mind of the readers, and in these moments we are within the story ourselves.

An individual needs to have an understanding of meditation before purchasing a meditation chair. Spending money on a chair for meditation purposes without the knowledge and a willingness to commit to this practice would only be fruitless. Training your mind to reach a state of meditation is a practice that some may find difficult. The reason for this is that most people find themselves unable to relax if not sitting comfortably.

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