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Many people are still not aware of the symptoms  StrictionD Review of diabetes though these can be easily obtained from the health providers or by just referring to the internet. There are some who are still confused when faced with the vast volume of information obtainable from the internet. Some people become unduly worried when they wrongly diagnosed themselves to having diabetes. Suffice to say, some of the major symptoms of diabetes are quite clear and easily detectable.

This first involves the state of hydration. Suddenly you feel thirsty for no apparent reasons despite drinking plenty of water. In diabetics, this is due to the attraction of the high blood glucose for fluid in the body cells. As a result, the cells dry up. This is how thirst sets in. When the fluid shift involves the skin cells, you end up having itchy and dry skin. If the itchy skin cannot be solved by taking an antihistamine, then it is advisable not to rule out diabetes.

Another symptom of diabetes is blurred vision. If you find that your eyesight is normally all right upon checking with your eye specialist, then do not rule out diabetes as it can again cause fluid drainage in the eyes causing unwanted adjustment to the eye lenses.Excessive urination is another indication of diabetes as high concentration of glucose will cause fluid to be excessive lost in the urine.Be careful when you have unexplained weight loss. Even though you do not exercise nor do you do strenuous work yet you lose weight effortlessly. Diabetes can be faulted here because when the glucose metabolism becomes erratic, the body has to resort to burning protein for energy production. You will then see muscle loss and as a result, a decrease in the weight.


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