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They found the effect of cinnamon even after 20 days. For Blood Balance Formula Review  this study they used the true cinnamon. They also used the cassia cinnamon for their study. The researchers divided 60 peoples in two groups. They supplied cinnamon capsules 3 times a day for one group and placebo (dummy medication) capsules for another group. The results from both the group made researchers to believe that the 1 gram of daily cinnamon can help to lower the blood sugar with type-2 diabetes patients.

Diabetes is often associated with loss of energy as a result of the body failing to absorb and utilize glucose properly. Diabetes is also associated with irritability which unfortunately can lead to emotional stress which is known to aggravate the condition of a patient. Being a chronic condition, diabetics are called upon to learn to manage themselves in order to prolong their lives. The good news is that when managed properly, a patient can live a long, normal and productive life.

One of the goals of diabetes treatment that most hospitals will aim for is to educate their patients on ways of managing their condition. The success of treatment over the long haul must combine two important ingredients: Knowledge on what to do and what not to do and the discipline to carry it out as a life style. Physicians recommend that diabetics eat healthy diets and engage is physical activity consistently. For most patients, if this is properly adhered to, they will live healthy as though they do not have the condition.

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