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The non medicinal control of blood sugar for a diabetic involves  StrictionD Review extensive and dedicated effort by the affected person to have the desired results.The first and simple step should be walking for forty-five minutes. The walking should be brisk and continuous and with continuous shaking of both you hands and you must have sweating at the end of the walk. This is called burning of calories which will have a direct effect in reducing your body weight. 

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The main reasons for diabetes are obesity, no exercise, excessive eating and of course hereditary. Once we have started the first step of walking to avoid medicine for control of blood sugar, we must not stop the walking and we should have sugar check up at regular intervals so that we will come to know whether the walking has really helped us in controlling the diabetes sugar. Next step is to do simple exercises which should of at least thirty minutes duration and should be easy and adaptable to your physical conditions. There is no necessity of going to Gymnastic centers for doing exercises. 

Very simple exercises can be done at you home itself before taking any food. The stomach should be empty and morning time is ideal for doing exercise. Yoga plays a major role in controlling diabetes sugar without the medicine. It is always advisable to learn yoga under the direction of a qualified teacher. The effect of yoga for controlling blood sugar is proven worldwide and it starts with simple practice. The control of blood sugar without medicine should be carefully and meticulously monitored by the diabetic so that he does not invite other complications.


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