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With diabetes, people are TWENTY-FIVE times  Blood Balance Formula Review more likely to develop retinopathy (deterioration of the retinas). Because of diabetes, 24,000 people lose sight every year!With diabetes, 60-70% of those afflicted suffer nerve damage which can lead to non-traumatic lower limb amputations. This is due to the fact that open sores that do not heal, accompany diabetes. As they become ulcerated, the diabetic faces complications which can lead to amputation of limbs.As a Diabetic your morning ritual consists of waking up, going to the bathroom, washing your hands and face and then testing your blood sugar. If you happen to take insulin or other medication you may need to take your blood sugar often throughout the day. Why not use a Meter and lancing system that require the smallest dose possible.

Diabetes has become a huge industry. Every Sunday a major drugstore chain has a 1/2 page or full page color ad in their flyer dedicated to diabetes care. Blood meters, Alcohol swabs, Lancets and food shakes are often featured items. In any given week you may have the opportunity to get the latest and greatest Blood glucose Meter free after rebate, or free with strip purchase.

Sure they are anxious to give away free meters. With Test Strips running about $80 per box of 100 they earn their money back in no time. The question is how to you know which is the best meter for you. Looking over the meters, the testing methods are similar, insert Strip in Meter, Draw Blood, apply blood to strip, wait 5 seconds or more for result. The accuracy of the meters are roughly the same, the cost of strips are roughly the same, so how do you choose.


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