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Suitability Is the gym over run with hardcore bodybuilders or LumaSlim Review are the staff helpful? You must choose a gym with an environment that you feel comfortable in and enjoy, or you will not go. Chat to any members you know before committing yourself and enquire about the availability of a trial membership. Classes Before joining a gym, look in to what kind of classes are available to you. Lots of gyms offer specific classes such as Zumba, aerobics, water aerobics and swimming classes and many of these are included in your membership.

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Safety Always take a look round (and preferably a trial membership) before joining any gym. A reputable gym should offer an induction program, quality exercise advice and a good selection of exercise machines in working order. Do not settle for a sub-standard or poorly run gym. The Contract Before signing any contract to join a gym, take it away and read it thoroughly, don't be pressured into signing it in a hurry. Life can change quickly, you may have to move for work, or could even lose your job. Check how long you are tied in for and be clear of the financial commitment you are making before signing.

If you're sick of crash diets and diets that don't give you long-term results, there is another solution out there that you may not have even thought of - hypnosis for weight loss. When you lose weight through hypnosis, you can rest easy knowing that you are shedding pounds safely and permanently! Although we live in a society where everyone wants "instant gratification", that is not the way to approach a diet. It is possible to lose too much weight too quickly, and, if you do, you can leave yourself vulnerable to a variety of health issues. Unless you are obese, you should only lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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