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gravity theory cream products that we think quick fixes that are band-aids and then get really disheartened when they don't work or they give us irritations and stuff because we heard that it worked wonders for other people first and foremost you have to know more about yourself and really accept the situation that you have and then from there is step one into really educating then you know kind of what to listen to what to take in something that I challenged you guys to focus more on is finding out different ways that you can stay positive and really Allen's stress because I think there's major mental issues that really can provoke and inflame us like it's no joke everything here is all wired there's an axis the mind and stress affects our eating habits and out urges and that ven shows up on our skin so finding different methods like journaling meditating going out and really balancing your lifestyle and making certain changes is actually the root of a lot of issues that can happen on our skin and the second is working on acceptance I think acceptance of ourselves and our own situations that we're in as well as acceptance of other people so we're actually 




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