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The more you do and the longer you do it, the greater the  StrictionD Review benefits. Exercise is an equal-opportunity benefit, regardless of age, ethnicity, sex or disability. The benefits of physical exercise far outweigh the risks. For children, HHS recommends at least an hour a day of moderate to vigorous exercise, with an emphasis on having fun. The exercise should focus on strengthening muscles and bones. For older adults, the guidelines stress that some exercise is better than none if a chronic condition prevents 150 minutes a week. The focus should be on activities that improve balance.

The report also says that it takes only half the time - 75 minutes a week - of vigorous physical activity to achieve the same benefits. Moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity includes such things as walking briskly, water aerobics, ballroom dancing and general gardening. Vigorous-intensity aerobic activities include racewalking, jogging or running, swimming laps, jumping rope and hiking uphill or with a heavy backpack.

The diabetes situation in the country is really grim. Every 21 seconds, another diabetic American is detected. So every 21 seconds, we have another reason to walk. Who is your reason? This is the theme of America's Walk for Diabetes, an event being organized across the country by the American Diabetes Association. It aims at drawing every American's attention towards the grimness of the diabetes situation in the country. Every 21 seconds during the walk, a white and red bandana is given to one of the participants with the beating of a drum or blowing of a horn.

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