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When you don't have sufficient insulin being produced, it can't  Blood Balance Formula Review get into muscle or fat cells that need it to function properly. When this happens, glucose is no longer able to act as a fuel for muscles or to be part of all of the other chemical reactions that need to take place to generate energy. It's not uncommon for someone with diabetes to complain of fatigue, but then is revived after treatment that permits glucose to enter their cells once again. Once your blood glucose level starts to rise, all of the fluids in your body will have higher levels of glucose in them.

This includes the sweat and bodily fluids such as semen in men and vaginal secretions in women. Bacteria and fungi love a high glucose environment, which will cause women itching and burning, and unusual discharge from the vagina, along with an unpleasant odor. As an adolescent you already have more than enough body issues to deal with, without the added hassle of having to control your type 2 diabetes in the face of mounting peer group pressure. The hard truth is that some of the cool food and drink that is around is downright bad for you, and you will really have to stand up for yourself if you are going to make progress.


You may find it helpful to explain your situation to a few good friends, who will then be able to provide encouragement when you feel down. The real key to managing type 2 diabetes as an adolescent is to increase exercise, and decrease sweets or carbohydrate portions. It has been established that one of the main culprits in obesity in children and adolescents is the various types of sweetened drinks. Do you know many soft drinks contain the equivalent of six to eight teaspoons of sugar, often in the form of corn syrup which is highly concentrated and fattening?

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