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Recent studies showed women who consumed Blood Balance Formula Review multiple fruit juice drinks on a daily basis saw an 18 percent increase in the likelihood they would become overweight and also develop Type 2 diabetes. This is further proof that if fruit drinks are part of your ritual you should always check the label before buying. An article published in Diabetes Care in 2008 indicated one serving of fruit juice a day increased the risk for women developing Type 2 diabetes.

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In an attempt to monitor your sugar intake from drinks look for juices that are all-natural. Selecting 100 percent fruit juices are better than the juices that only contain small amounts of juice and a lot of other additives. Read the label for the sugar content and calories (kj)... if it seems to be too high, pass on it and go for a piece of fruit instead. It's better to eat the apple rather than drinking apple juice... then you will get to eat the fiber as well. Juice has had the fiber removed in the juicing process. The phytonutrients in the apples can help you regulate your blood sugar.

Or throw fruit in a blender and make your own smoothie. That way, you know exactly where your juice is coming from and the additives. This will give you better control of your blood sugar. One of the most common questions many newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetics ask when referring to particular foods, is whether or not it is safe to have. Since milk is such a commonly consumed food for breakfast and in cooking, it is important to know if, in fact, it can cause detriment to the health of a person with diabetes.

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